Discover the ultimate self-defense training.Enhance your protection and acquire the skills to feel safe in any situation.

I offer comprehensive courses in self-defense and violence prevention. Learn effective self-defense techniques and strategies for avoiding dangerous situations. Whether you are a beginner or skilled, my courses provide valuable skills and strategies for your safety. Train your awareness, physical fitness, and mental strength. Through realistic simulations, you will learn how to assess potentially dangerous situations and respond appropriately.


Discover the ultimate
self-defense training in Munich.


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  • About the Coach

    With over 20 years of practical experience in various combat systems, I have acquired extensive knowledge about the different facets of self-defense. My passion for hand-to-hand combat led me to become a certified close combat instructor. I have also studied sports science and successfully completed a final exam to become a specialist in protection and security, which further emphasizes my competence in this field.

    My personal background and coaching philosophy play a crucial role. I firmly believe that self-defense is not only a physical but also a mental training. Through my own experiences, I have learned that the right mentality and self-confidence are just as important as technical skills. In my courses, I therefore place great value on strengthening my students not only physically but also mentally.

    If you would like to learn more about my qualifications, my career, and my coaching philosophy, you can find a detailed description of my background, my achievements, and my many years of experience in the field of self-defense here.


  • What is the name of the Self-Defense system?

    I consciously decided to simply name my training program “Self-Defense”. In my experience, pretentious, fancy names or exaggerated adornments often distract from the actual effectiveness of training. Instead, the focus at Self-Defense is clearly on its effectiveness and ease of learning for anyone who participates.

    With our Self-Defense system, you will learn the necessary techniques and strategies to effectively defend yourself and master dangerous situations with confidence.

    Our program is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to confidently defend yourself in a wide range of situations. It is a holistic approach that not only promotes physical techniques, but also mental strength and self-confidence.

  • Who is the training course for what requirements do I need for the training?

    Self-defense is not exclusively aimed at martial arts experts, but at everyone who is interested in their own safety and is prepared to work on themselves. Our participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they all share the common goal of confidently and confidently facing the challenges of everyday life. A certain average fitness is required and there should be no significant physical restrictions.

    Participation in certain types of courses is provided depending on the target group. One example are our exclusive courses for women. In our detailed offer overview you will find information on who exactly the training is suitable for. If you still have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

    When participating in self-defense courses, however, a history of criminal behavior or membership in violent groups is not accepted, as we want to promote a peaceful and respectful environment. In our courses we attach great importance to the fact that our participants are not only physically but also mentally strengthened. We offer effective techniques for self-defense, but also strategies for conflict avoidance and de-escalation.

  • How are the trainings courses structured?

    Self-Defense is more than just a martial arts program. It is an opportunity to achieve personal growth and build strong self-confidence. We support participants in achieving their individual goals and unlocking their own inner strength. In our intensive courses, participants learn various self-defense techniques based on realistic scenarios.

    Our courses are interactive and provide participants with the opportunity to test their skills in a safe and controlled environment. In addition to the physical aspects, we also place great importance on the mental strength of our participants. We encourage the development of self-assurance, self-control, and determination.

    Our participants not only learn how to defend themselves in potentially dangerous situations, but they also gain a deeper understanding of their physical and mental abilities. This awareness helps them feel safer in everyday life and better respond to potential risks.

    Overall, Self-Defense offers a comprehensive program for self-defense and personal development. Our participants have the opportunity to strengthen not only their physical but also their emotional abilities. Self-Defense is not only intended for physical defense but also for mental defense. We encourage the development of self-confidence, respect, and inner strength to help our participants walk through life upright and self-assured.

    Our diverse range of services leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety. In addition to a wide range of offerings, we also provide special corporate courses, tailored training for security personnel, and violence prevention courses. Thanks to our flexible options, these courses can be completed online or in a hybrid format. This ensures that everyone interested has the opportunity to strengthen their safety awareness and gain relevant knowledge. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support and help you feel secure.

  • What different course offers are there?

    An overview of the courses for the various offers around your own safety can be found here: [link to course overview] In addition to the self-defense courses, I also offer other coaching programs for martial arts (boxing, Maus Thai and MMA), fitness and mental training - in an in person or online format. More information about these programs AARON COACHING

    And to help you feel safe.


  • How does this Self-Defense system differ from other courses or systems?

    Our Self-Defense System stands out from other systems in self-defense. While many schools only focus on the pure techniques, the Self-Defense System also emphasizes violence prevention. It recognizes that it is not enough to only train physical abilities, but that mental strength and strategic thinking are also crucial.

    In our Self-Defense System, a holistic approach is followed, helping students to recognize, deescalate, and appropriately respond to dangerous situations. We not only teach self-defense techniques, but also valuable knowledge about the psychology of violence and the dynamics of conflict situations.

    Furthermore, the Self-Defense System distinguishes itself through a comprehensive training plan. It includes not only learning effective self-defense techniques, but also regular strength and endurance training to improve the physical fitness of the students. This enables them to successfully defend themselves and promote their overall health and well-being.

    Another crucial factor that sets the Self-Defense System apart from other systems is the quality of education. The instructor of the Self-Defense System is a highly qualified expert who possesses extensive knowledge and many years of practical experience in teaching martial arts. Through this solid training, students are not only taught the correct techniques, but also shown their application in various scenarios.

    The Self-Defense System enables students to strengthen their self-confidence and self-assurance. They learn to trust their intuition and recognize and respect their own boundaries. This not only enhances their personal safety but also helps them lead a balanced and self-determined life.

    Overall, the Self-Defense System offers a holistic and effective method to protect against violence. It combines high-quality techniques with violence prevention and mental strength, providing students with the best possible tools to assert themselves in dangerous situations. No other system offers such comprehensive training and expertise in self-defense as the Self-Defense System.

  • For whom is the training suitable for?

    Self-defense is not exclusively aimed at martial arts experts, but at everyone who is interested in their own safety and is willing to work on themselves.

    Our participants come from a wide range of backgrounds, but they all have the common goal of facing the challenges of everyday life with self-confidence and composure. Participation in certain types of courses is intended for specific target groups. One example is our exclusive courses for women only.

    In our detailed course overview, you will find information on who exactly the training is suitable for. If you still have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

  • What are the prerequisites for participating for the training?

    An average level of fitness is required, and there should not be any significant physical limitations.

    We do not accept participation in self-defense courses with a history of criminal behavior or affiliation with violent groups, as we promote a peaceful and respectful environment.

    In our courses, we place great importance on our participants developing not only physical but also mental strength. We offer effective self-defense techniques as well as strategies for conflict avoidance and de-escalation.